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Analysis of new top 10 selections for 2009 NFL Draft


After the trade of Eugene Monroe from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Baltimore Ravens, five of the top 11 picks in the 2009 NFL Draft are no longer with the team that drafted them (Jason Smith, Aaron Curry, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Monroe and Aaron Maybin), including three who are completely out of the NFL (Smith, Curry, Maybin). Also, Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman, the only quarterbacks taken in the first round, have turned into busts.

This is how a new top 10 of the 2009 NFL Draft would look:

Pairing Stafford with Calvin Johnson has created one of the most dominant QB-WR tandems in the game, so why change anything?

Suspect pass protection and poor wide receiver play has kept the Rams from really figuring out what they have got in quarterback Sam Bradford, so taking Oher here would have solidified his blind-side blocker.

Tyson Jackson is finally making an impact, but Raji would have been a defensive difference-maker from day one.

4. Seattle Seahawks: WR Percy Harvin

Pete Carroll wanted Harvin to come to USC and hasn't been able to put him on the field yet this season after trading for the versatile wide receiver. Sure, Carroll was still in Los Angeles when this draft happened, but we'll finally make his dream come true.

Rex Ryan hasn't had that unstoppable force off the edge to energize his 3-4 defenses, something Matthews certainly accomplishes. Plus, the tabloids would have a field day with hair puns.

Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer would have a lot of fun unleashing Cushing with that always-underrated Bengals defensive line in front of him.

A speedy receiver that can actually catch the ball is what the late Al Davis thought he was getting by taking Darrius Heyward-Bey here.

By drafting a solid starter on the offensive line, the Jags would have been able to better maximize the best years of Maurice Jones-Drew's career.

McCoy's speed and pass-catching ability would be a perfect companion piece to the wide-open offense directed by Aaron Rodgers.

Byrd had 18 interceptions in his first four years with the Bills and would have been the perfect center fielder once Jim Harbaugh moved up the 101 from Palo Alto.

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