Alabama buses leave Lane Kiffin behind again

For a guy who once temporarily banned a reporter from covering his team at USC, Lane Kiffin sure seems to like talking to reporters. So much so that, for the second time in about a year, Kiffin overspent his time for media interviews and thus got left behind by the Alabama team buses.

"Yep, got left again," the Crimson Tide offensive coordinator said Thursday from the Peach Bowl media day, per ESPN.

The UA team buses left Kiffin behind as he wrapped up interviews with reporters following the Crimson Tide's national championship victory last season. This time, a Peach Bowl official got Kiffin back to the team hotel, according to the report.

With Nick Saban as UA's head coach, it's no surprise that the Tide's buses wait for nobody other than, perhaps, Saban himself.

Kiffin was hired as the new coach at Florida Atlantic earlier this month, but decided to remain as Alabama's offensive coordinator through its appearance in the CFP. If Alabama loses to Washington on Saturday in the Peach Bowl, his new role at FAU will commence full-time. If Alabama wins, he'll remain with UA through the CFP title game on Jan. 9.

Presumably -- and fortunately, for Kiffin -- the FAU team bus won't go anywhere without its head coach.

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