AJ McCarron takes jab at Brent Musburger

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron couldn't help but take a friendly jab at ABC and ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger on the tail end of an NFL Network interview with Scott Hanson Thursday during the network's Super Bowl coverage.

One of the top quarterback prospects available for the NFL draft this May, McCarron was asked whether he had a picture of his girlfriend, model Katherine Webb.

"If I don't, I'm sure Brent Musburger does," McCarron said.

The reference, of course, was to Musburger's year-old praise of Webb's beauty during the broadcast of Alabama's runaway win over Notre Dame for the 2012 BCS national title, which made Musburger the punchline of countless jokes.

McCarron was far from the first person to take a poke at Musburger's wide-eyed assessment of Webb, but more than a year after the comments were made, perhaps he'll be the last.

Nah. Not a chance. Musburger will need to keep his gloves up forever on this.

As for football, McCarron reiterated that he's not yet sure if he wants to throw passes at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis next month, though he has every intention of going through other physical testing, such as the 40-yard dash.

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