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AFC RBs coach compares Ezekiel Elliott to Adrian Peterson

Our analysts and writers are constantly talking to NFL and college sources about draft prospects. Lance Zierlein share some of what NFL folks are discussing in draft rooms throughout the league.

The scoop: "I feel the same way about (Ezekiel) Elliott that I felt about Adrian (Peterson). It was hard to find weaknesses for Adrian coming out and it's hard to find weaknesses for Elliott. I don't usually believe in taking running backs in the first round, but Elliott is one of those guys you make an exception for just like with Adrian Peterson." -- AFC running backs coach

The skinny: Comparing Elliott to Peterson is, indeed, high praise, but Elliott is clearly a cut above the other running backs coming out in terms of his completeness. There are still plenty of teams who would never entertain the idea of taking a running back early in the first round, but Elliott's ability to have an impact on every area of the field and on every play is what should get him taken early on.

* * *

The scoop: "Everyone talks about (Laquon) Treadwell, but Josh Doctson is really special when the ball is in the air. I think he's better at the 50/50 than Treadwell and he's faster. Tell me why he shouldn't be considered in the same discussion with Treadwell." -- AFC scout

The skinny: At no point has there been a national discussion about Doctson being on the same level as Treadwell, but maybe this scout is onto something. While Treadwell is a little bigger with longer arms, Doctson's combine 40-yard dash (4.50 seconds) was much faster than Treadwell's pro-day 40 (4.63 seconds), and Treadwell didn't run at the combine. Doctson's explosion measurements blew Treadwell's away. Treadwell is a tremendously competitive receiver and an alpha on the field while Doctson doesn't quite show that same side -- at least not at TCU. It will be interesting to see how NFL evaluators end up stacking the two most talented "big" receivers in this draft.

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The scoop: "Boy, he is a really quick-twitch player and there aren't many of those guys coming off the edge this year. He just needs to learn how to play. Being athletic won't matter if you don't know how to play. I like him though. Would love to have him here." -- NFC defensive coach on Boise State OLB Kamalei Correa

The skinny: Correa does, indeed, have some serious twitch and fires off the snap as quickly as any of the edge rusher in this draft, but his tape is a little more uneven than teams might like. Still, explosive traits off the edge tend to get the attention of general managers and Correa will go within the first two rounds, but the question is -- how high?

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