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Adam Muema's tweets reference self-proclaimed 'Messiah'

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The strange saga of San Diego State running back Adam Muema -- who left last month's NFL Scouting Combine because he said God told him to -- continued Monday night, with Muema using his Twitter account to apparently hint that the world will end before the next football season begins and to extol the virtues of a man who claims to be the Messiah.

Muema's Twitter feed includes numerous references to a @LORD_RAYEL, whose Twitter page refers to him as "the Messiah." The Los Angeles Times reported last week that "a Facebook page connected with Lord RayEl describes 'chastisements' he is targeting at the U.S. The latest such punishment is the blast of wintry weather on the East Coast. The page also discusses plans for an 'exodus' of his followers to Baja California to escape the apocalypse."

Muema told the San Diego Union Tribune last month that God told him that if he skipped the combine, he would end up playing for the Seattle Seahawks. He also told the newspaper that playing for the Seahawks is his dream.

The Times' story also details posts Muema made comparing his college stats to those of Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin, with Muema saying his stats almost are equal despite Martin playing 19 more college games.

The Times' story said the tweet "appeared to confirm the belief Muema is said to have expressed privately that he won't just be drafted by the Seahawks, but will be a high selection."

It's a safe assumption now that there is no way Seattle or any NFL team drafts Muema, who wasn't that coveted a prospect anyway. It's becoming increasingly evident that Muema has issues that he needs to work through, and the question now is whether he is going to get the help he needs.

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