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911 caller alleges Bradley Roby's driving endangered children

Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby has insisted he was not drunk when he was cited for operating a vehicle while under the influence last week by the Columbus (Ohio) Police Department, and he has some paperwork to show it.

But evidence that he was driving recklessly might be emerging.

Police have released a 911 call from a person who described erratic driving by a man reported to be Roby, according to

The caller describes a black Dodge Charger that "almost hit a bunch of kids on the sidewalk. "And now, the driver is passed out drunk on the side of BBR in black Charger with Georgia plates," the caller says.

Police responded to a call describing a driver who had passed out April 20. Roby then failed a field sobriety test, according to police, and was cited and given a court appearance date. But his blood-alcohol level was later recorded at .008, well below the legal limit.

"There are no other charges, and we are confident that this matter will be resolved quickly and favorably for Bradley," Roby's agent, Michael Perrett, said last week.

Roby is among 30 prospects who have been invited to New York City to attend the May 8-10 NFL draft, where he is expected to be a first-round selection.

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