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2017 NFL Draft: Player comps for prospects

Comparisons were flying like confetti on the Move The Sticks podcast Friday, as analysts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks took a close look at one another's suggestions about what kind of NFL player some of the 2017 NFL Draft's top prospects could become. As part of the discussion, Brooks reacted to several of Jeremiah's comparisons, including the three top-rated quarterbacks in the draft.

Put your comparison seat belt on:

Jeremiah's QB comps

UNC's*Mitch Trubisky*: Trent Green

Brooks' take: "I can see some of that, but I'm willing to give Mitch a little more credit for his athleticism. How about Alex Smith, who is right there in Kansas City? He kind of reminds me of Alex in terms of his ability to run. He just doesn't showcase it."

Notre Dame's DeShone Kizer: Carson Palmer

Brooks' take: "I like that comparison. I believe he is that guy. I believe he is a flamethrower from the pocket. I believe, in a classic system, he could push it down the field. If you put him in Bruce Arians' system, he could do all of those things."

Clemson's Deshaun Watson: Ryan Tannehill

Brooks' take: "That's not a bad comparison. ... (Both had a) quick release, and you have to think of the way you build the system around them. You have to think in the same terms, a movement-based system. You want to take advantage of the athleticism. You also want to feature a system that has a lot of quick, rhythm throws."

One NFL player, two different prospect comps

Jeremiah and Brooks had different player comps for three Pro Bowlers.

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles: FSU RB Dalvin Cook (Jeremiah) and Tennessee RB Alvin Kamara (Brooks)

"At times I've used Chris Johnson (as a Cook comp). I don't think (Cook) has that same top juice. I ended up settling on Jamaal Charles. I like it, I don't love it." - Jeremiah

Denver Broncos CB Chris Harris: LSU CB Tre'Davious White (Jeremiah) and Michigan CB Jourdan Lewis (Brooks)

"(Both are) versatile, can play inside or outside, (have) ball skills and toughness." - Jeremiah

Kansas City S Eric Berry: LSU S Jamal Adams (Jeremiah) and Washington S Budda Baker (Brooks)

"Some people have told me I probably should change that to the Honey Badger." - Brooks

Three comps Jeremiah and Brooks agree on

Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon: Arizona Cardinals RB David Johnson

Clemson WR Mike Williams: Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant

Alabama TE O.J. Howard: Carolina Panthers TE Greg Olsen

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