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2017 NFL Draft order and needs: Nos. 11-20

This is the first-round order of the 2017 NFL Draft, with a look at the top positional needs for every team, through the first two waves of free agency (March 20). The draft order is determined by record, and using strength of schedule as a tiebreaker (record and strength of schedule are official tiebreakers to determine the draft order).

Note: Picks 12 and 14 were acquired via trade.

11. New Orleans Saints
2016 record: 7-9 (.523)
Top needs: DB, LB, WR
Analysis: In a division full of talented quarterbacks, finding help at both cornerback and safety is a must. The Saints need depth at linebacker and could look for a hybrid talent there. The trade of Brandin Cooks has turned WR into a potential priority for the top 4 rounds.

12. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles)
2016 record: 1-15 (.549)
Top needs: QB, pass rusher, DB
Analysis: Cleveland traded the No. 2 pick in the 2016 draft to the Eagles, who spent the selection on Carson Wentz. So, the Browns are still looking for their answer at QB. Finding a pass rusher should be a top priority. They should be looking to add help in the secondary, too.

13. Arizona Cardinals
2016 record: 7-8-1 (.463)
Top needs: ILB, QB, DB
Analysis: Adding a playmaking inside 'backer should be a priority. Carson Palmer, 37, saw his play take a downturn in 2016. The Cardinals already needed corner help, and the departure of Tony Jefferson creates a need at safety.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota Vikings)
2016 record: 7-9 (.559)
Top needs: CB, RB, DE
Analysis: The Eagles dealt away a first-rounder to acquire the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 draft, and got a first-rounder in the Sam Bradford deal before the season. Cornerback could be addressed within the first couple of rounds. Finding a healthy, RB1 might not be difficult in this draft, but how early do they pull the trigger? The Eagles need talent infusions at both defensive end and at linebacker, so take your pick there.

15. Indianapolis Colts
2016 record: 8-8 (.492)
Top needs: OL, DL, RB
Analysis: The Colts have needs up and down their roster and new GM Chris Ballard has stated that he wants to build the fronts, so look for help along both the offensive and defensive lines. The Colts should be able to find quality RB depth on the third day (Rounds 4-7).

16. Baltimore Ravens
2016 record: 8-8 (.498)
Top needs: OLB, WR, CB
Analysis: The Ravens need to find their next great edge rusher at OLB. The Ravens need Breshad Perriman to step up soon, but might be looking for more help at WR regardless. The cornerback spot will likely get at least one look if not two in this year's draft.

17. Washington Redskins
2016 record: 8-7-1 (.516)
Top needs: ILB, S, RB
Analysis: This defense is in need of a commanding presence in the middle at LB. The signing of safety D.J. Swearinger shouldn't be oversold, as he's below average in coverage. The Redskins could improve offensively if they can find a more dynamic RB option.

18. Tennessee Titans
2016 record: 9-7 (.465)
Top needs: CB, WR, ILB
Analysis: They need to bolster their secondary, and still could still use a true WR1. Adding a young talent at ILB who can cover on third downs should be a priority, too.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2016 record: 9-7 (.492)
Top needs: DL, S, RB
Analysis: Tampa Bay will need to find a high-impact player along the defensive line who can create mayhem on a regular basis. Safety is a need and could get early round consideration. The Bucs could be looking at an RB, as well.

20. Denver Broncos
2016 record: 9-7 (.549)
Top needs: OT, ILB, DE
Analysis: The Broncos have to address the offensive tackle position, and quite possibly with their first pick. Finding a quality inside 'backer to put next to Brandon Marshall should be in play, while adding a talented complementary player at DE for Derek Wolfe is a possibility.

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