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2017 NFL Draft: John Ross reflects on life-changing record run

Things haven't been quite the same for John Ross since the Saturday a few weeks ago when he indelibly linked himself with the number 4.22.

The former Washington wide receiver's record-breaking 4.22 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine gave him a crown that had been worn by Chris Johnson since 2008. And it's a crown that can be seen from a long way off.

"People notice me more, but especially in Seattle," Ross said. "A lot of times if I'm at the airport, people stop me and ask me if I'm John Ross."

Of course, that happened at times even before the combine. After all, UW did win the Pac-12 and reach the College Football Playoff with Ross as a cornerstone for its offense. The combine record, however, has made Ross plenty more recognizable. A 17-touchdown season for the Huskies might have taken a lot longer to compile than 4.22 seconds, but Ross understands why he's a star on a different level now.

"My film already spoke a few volumes, but I think me running that fast, and proving to people how fast I am, says a little more," he said.

He might as well get used to it. If it takes another nine years for someone to beat Ross' record, the legend will only grow.

Ross just completed a three-team tour of the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans this week, and won't be going on any more visits. His pre-draft travel schedule was lighter than most top prospects, in part because post-combine shoulder surgery precluded him from engaging in private workouts with clubs. He visited four teams in all -- the Philadelphia Eagles were the first -- and didn't get much feel for which liked him most.

"They definitely wore their poker faces," he said.

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