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"12THMAN" license plate goes for $115,000 in auction

Despite Saturday's loss to Alabama, Texas A&M football couldn't be much hotter. After a successful debut in the Southeastern Conference last season and all that comes with Johnny Manziel winning the Heisman Trophy for the Aggies, it comes as little surprise that Aggies fans are opening their wallets to show their spirit.

Things we learned


From AJ McCarron praising an unsung hero for Alabama's win to Oregon's epic rout, here are the things we learned from the third weekend of college football play. **More ...**

The Aggies' home-field advantage, known as the "12th Man", is as ingrained in the lore of Texas A&M football as any tradition at any school. So the opportunity to have "12THMAN" be your license plate comes at a price. It recently sold for $115,000 at an auction, about four times more than the record for a Texas vanity plate. Houston trial attorney Tony Buzbee is the nutcase winner.

But perhaps he's not so crazy, after all.

Buzbee said he's giving the plate to a Texas A&M graduate who is a decorated war veteran.

"I'm not saying who it is yet, but I see him as a 12th Man to our country," Buzbee said, according to "He did a lot more than pay $100,000 for a license plate."

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