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10 non-conference matchups that have been dormant too long


The Stanley Cup Final begins Wednesday night between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers, and the most intriguing off-ice aspect of the series is that it is the first time teams from L.A. and New York have met in a "major" sports final since the Dodgers faced the Yankees in the World Series in 1981.

In that vein, we decided to look at non-conference college football matchups between big-time programs that have had a long time between games. The cut-off was 18 years, meaning that none of these matchups have taken place during a college freshman's lifetime.

Unfortunately for fans of meaningful intersectional games, it wasn't that difficult to find 10 such matchups (though we cheated a bit and included one regional pairing). Here's a look at the 10, listed alphabetically.

Alabama-Ohio State



Florida State-Michigan




Check out the great college football rivalries that were once a regular occurrence, but aren't anymore.

Notre Dame-Texas

Penn State-UCLA


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