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10 cities we'd like to see as NFL draft site in future years

The 2015 NFL Draft concluded almost three weeks ago, but the excitement from the event is still fresh in our minds. Chicago was a fantastic host this year as the draft moved away from New York City for the first time since 1964.

So, what cities might be good fits to host the draft in future years? Here are 10 cities that made CFB 24/7's list.


The Windy City did a fantastic job hosting this year, so it makes plenty of sense for the organizers that made the event great to be rewarded with another shot to host. Things could get even better when it comes to the outdoor fan festival known as "Draft Town" and hopefully the fantastic weather from this year would return for an encore in Chicago. Keep in mind that the location isn't a far drive from several cities with NFL teams, so it's an accessible location for many fans.

New York City

The move to Chicago was neat, but there's nothing like tradition. Perhaps finding a good location for the site of "Draft Town" could go a long way toward the event returning to the Big Apple.

Los Angeles

No NFL team, no problem. Los Angeles was a finalist to host this year's draft, and it figures to remain a top candidate to become a draft site. It would be a nice reward to the millions of fans on the West Coast and let's face it, the Hollywood tie-ins are too perfect to pass up. Plus, the L.A. Live entertainment complex is well suited for the event.


Could the draft move across the pond? The idea isn't too far-fetched. After all, three NFL games will be played in London this year, and the Jacksonville Jaguars announced two of their 2015 draft picks from London.


The NFL family gathers in Canton every year for the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony and annual Hall of Fame Game, so the city is very familiar with what it takes to host a big event. The tie-ins with the history of the game would be fantastic as the league's past meets its future.


Big D has hosted its share of major sporting events, so why not include it in the mix of potential draft sites? Let's face it, this is all about the draft going to AT&T Stadium and setting a record for fan attendance. Just think of all the fans that could be booing after their team makes a pick. What could be better TV than that?

Home of Super Bowl-winning team

This idea surfaced after it was learned last year that the draft would be on the move. It would be an interesting reward for the team that wins the Super Bowl, but it would certainly be a logistical challenge given how far in advance most big venues are booked. Given the planning that goes into the draft, it's highly unlikely that this option would be selected, but it's fun to think about.

New Orleans

New Orleans has plenty of experience hosting the Super Bowl, so why not the draft? Could you imagine the great Jazz Fest, which could coincide with draft weekend, being integrated into the proceedings? The catering would be off the charts and it would be fantastic to get some great music between picks. There would be no shortage of entertainment or fun here.


Another great potential host city, Boston has the venues, hotel rooms and plenty of football fans. Add in a rich history of Americana that could be incorporated into the event, and it makes a ton of sense.


The first NFL draft was held in Philadelphia in 1936, so the site makes sense as a return to the draft's roots. Independence National Historical Park would be a great location to set up shop and the league could celebrate America's 240th birthday in 2016 by going to the place where it all began.

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