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10 believable things amid all the NFL draft misinformation

The NFL draft process is like a four-month fog that only begins to clear up with about a week to go before the event. Now that the fog is beginning to clear, I'm beginning to see a clearer picture of how this draft could take shape. Here are 10 believable things amid all the draft rumors.

1. Paxton Lynch will fly up the draft board: The trade-up moves by the Rams and Eagles for quarterbacks (we all assume) will create a run on the position that should benefit Lynch. The Browns could take him with the No. 8 pick or we could see a team target Lynch in a trade-up, maybe even to that eighth slot.

2. Cleveland's first-round pick will be for sale ... again: If you assume Cleveland is dropping their anchor with the eighth pick, I think you are making a mistake. Granted, the Browns might not find a deal worthy of another move down, but I absolutely believe that they are willing to move yet again to add even more picks.

3. Miami ends up with Ezekiel Elliott: In my gut, I have this feeling that the Dolphins will end up with Elliott, whether it's at No. 13, where the team currently sits, or in a trade up. He's the type of lead dog that can take so much pressure off of the shoulders of QB Ryan Tannehill, and head coach Adam Gase must know that. Miami might choose to make an aggressive move up to land the top running back in the draft.

4. Mackensie Alexander slides out of the first round: The general public has been in love with Alexander as a draft prospect for a while, but I'm not sure that NFL teams feel the same way about him. Alexander's size (5-foot-10, 190 pounds) is a concern for many teams I've spoken with as they see him as more of a slot corner than an outside player. If he had a history of making a ton of plays on the ball, it would probably land him in the first round, but he didn't make any interceptions at Clemson.

5. Connor Cook could go in the first round: We've already established that there will be an obvious run on quarterbacks and while Lynch should benefit, it stands to reason that Michigan State's Cook will, as well. Cook could become a Denver Bronco, where he'd fit into Gary Kubiak's scheme.

6. Shaq Lawson goes before Kevin Dodd: This one has been debated heavily between draftniks since the two players are former Clemson teammates who play the same position. Both are different in their approaches as pass rushers, so it might just be a matter of taste, but Lawson's clean combine medical recheck should boost his stock.

7. We might see just two wide receivers go in the first round: If we believe there could be a run on quarterbacks (and we do) and we think that cornerbacks and defensive linemen are sought after in the first round, then a position is going to suffer. Laquon Treadwell, Josh Doctson, Corey Coleman and Will Fuller all have holes in their games and that could be enough (along with the aforementioned position runs) to push two of those wide receivers out of the first.

8. There isn't a faster-rising offensive lineman than Ryan Kelly: I have a second-round grade on Alabama's Kelly and I've felt like he's a solid second-rounder all along, but that's all changing. Kelly is clearly the best center in this draft and teams realize there will be a big drop in quality after him at that position. Because of this, his value is skyrocketing and he should land in the first round.

9. Emmanuel Ogbah drops: Ogbah has some of the best production you'll find at the defensive end spot over the last two seasons, but that might not save his draft stock. Ogbah tests well, but doesn't play like a "bendy" edge rusher and his effort level is uneven. Three teams confirmed that he carries a grade of Rounds 2-3 and it's entirely possible he drops to the third round.

10. Traits will push CBs Brandon Williams and Sean Davis way up: Davis has a history at both cornerback and safety, and Williams was a running back before his lone season at cornerback in 2015. While neither had memorable tape last season, they are both big and athletic and teams are heating up on their potential. Davis could go in the second round and Williams in the third.

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