Brandon Marshall: Jay Cutler, don't you ever change


Jay Cutler is not your average franchise quarterback. That's a big reason why so many people are fascinated by him.

From an outsider's perspective, Cutler can appear cocky, moody, even petulant -- a reputation solidified this season by nationally televised, um, moments with Chicago Bears left tackle J'Marcus Webb and offensive coordinator Mike Tice.

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We're not innocent. We called Cutler the NFL's great villain early this month -- though it should be pointed out that was meant as a compliment.

Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who also played with Cutler in Denver, believes the media has it half-right in characterizing his quarterback.

"I don't think him being fiery or being passionate or wanting to win is misunderstood, but the part of maybe him not being a good teammate -- that part is misunderstood," Marshall told NFL Network's Michelle Beisner this week. "I think it's just media trying to sell more papers. They see that he's different and they capitalized on it.

"In the NFL, we have this illustration of what a QB is supposed to look like -- we see Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady -- and Jay is so different -- (he) approaches the game differently. And the day when Jay starts trying to do it how Joe Montana, or Steve Young, or Peyton Manning does it, well that's the day I'll be asking to work with a different NFL quarterback."

The best part of the Jay Cutler era in Chicago is how quickly it all turns. If the Bears beat up the Detroit Lions on Monday night and improve to 5-1, Cutler is beloved. If they lose, he's the reason they stink.

Every week brings a new twist to the drama.

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