Jay Cutler ignores Mike Tice on Chicago Bears' sideline


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Jay Cutler was criticized in his last nationally televised appearance for talking too much -- to his offensive linemen. On Monday night against the Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Bears quarterback went the other route.

The interaction between Cutler and Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice in the video above just feels like the most Jay Cutler-y clip possible. It's like Cutler is embracing his status as an NFL villain.

Sideline arguments happen. We're not trying to say this is front-page news, but such an obvious display of hilarious petulance worth noting. He went Full Cutler.

UPDATE: Cutler brushed aside suggestions of a disconnect between him and Tice after the game.

"We can't read into everything," Cutler said in a news conference. "I get you have to sell papers and it's hard out there. Just because I walk off and go get water, it doesn't mean much."

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