NFL Fantasy Football: Don't like Maurice Jones-Drew


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    Can he really be a top QB?

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    Don't pull #shanahanigans

  • Mike Trout

    Outperformed his deal

Jets coach Rex Ryan said he is tired of his team being labeled a circus. And then he shot water out of his boutonniere. Seriously, Rex Ryan being upset about the perception of the Jets is like the people who sue McDonald's for their obesity issues. How about a little personal responsibility?

Well, it's not going to make Rex happy to know his starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, was seen around town with his new girlfriend Eva Longoria. And really, who cares who the quarterback is dating, right? But if your team is fighting a perception problem, this certainly won't help.

And to relate this to fantasy, don't start Sanchez this week.

A big nod to our esteem stat guy, Bill "Sudsy" Sudell for the knowledge.

And without further ado ...

This is painful to say as somebody who rode Michael Vick to a fantasy championship just two years ago, but can you really trust him to be your fantasy quarterback? Sure, he's got a flak jacket. Do they make one for his thumb, too? I don't have the numbers to back this up, but Vick seemingly leads the NFL in hitting his lineman's helmet with his throwing hand.

The Cleveland Browns are no pushover, either. The Browns allowed the third-fewest points to fantasy quarterbacks in 2011 and allowed only one touchdown pass in their final five home games last year. Plus they were solid in the preseason with seven interceptions.

And don't do anything crazy and be all, "Hey Rank doesn't like Vick, so I'm going to bench him for Joe Flacco and Christian Ponder." That's not what I'm saying. If you have better options such as Peyton or Ryan, go with those guys.

Again, I understand the love for Vick. I mean, he's been a top five fantasy quarterback twice in his career. To me, he's like the fantasy football version of the Sex Pistols, who made only one album. It was a great album, mind you, but it's not like the Beatles, who churned out great album after great album.

Ben Roethlisberger is also a player to avoid. The Steelers were really committed to running the football before the season, but an injury to David DeCastro means the team will have to throw again in 2012.

Roethlisberger has thrived behind bad offensive lines in the past, because he can extend plays. But now those windows are closing on Big Ben as he gets older and the culmination of injuries have made him less mobile. He's a QB2 to me.

A lot of you are high on Russell Wilson this season. And you should be, he looks great. Don't expect it to translate to fantasy success, at least not in Week 1. Seriously, pump the breaks a bit.

Same with the other famed rookies Andy Luck and RG3. You could talk yourself into starting Luck because the Colts are going to fall behind the Bears early and need to throw the ball, but you have less riskier options. I like RG3 a ton, but going into the dome with an irritated crowd strikes a similar cord to me as the Saints returning back to the dome after a year of home games in New York.

They are, however, much better backup options than Matt Schaub. I'm not sure how the Texans quarterback is finding his way on to fantasy rosters this season.

Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey has said he will go with Rashad Jennings this week (as a reward for his excellent work over the summer), and Maurice Jones-Drew will be very limited. But given our experiences with NFL coaches, do you think we can really trust him?

That's why I pass on Jennings and MJD this week. Jennings might be a flex in deeper leagues, but he is clearly one to avoid in standard, 10-team leagues. BTW, #shanahanigans would give way to Mularkey if MJD gets 22 touches.

Did MJD hold out from the barber? Listen here, if you can't grow a full beard, you have to shave the whole thing. Similar to the top of my head, sometimes you have to know when to let go.

ImageIf MJD really believes he's outperformed his contract, what about Mike Trout? Dude's the best player in baseball, the odds-on favorite to win Rookie of the Year and MVP, and he's under club control for five seasons. Trout has a complaint.

The Vikings are also going to take a cautious approach with Adrian Peterson, who should remain on fantasy benches. Only a cynic would see a connection between resting AD and making a play for Matt Barkley in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Don't expect a huge game out of Steven Jackson vs. the Lions. The St. Louis FC should be able to move the ball in the air, but Detroit was tough against the run in 2011 as it allowed the tenth-fewest points to running backs. Jackson has rushed for only one touchdown in his last nine games and he's had multiple scores in a game only once in his last 46.

And don't give me the noise Jackson is a valuable member of the passing game, that's very overstated. Jackson's production as a receiver has dipped since his 90-reception season in 2006. Last season, if you look past his nine-reception game against the Bengals, he did virtually nothing as a receiver.

ImageNo Doubt drummer Adrian Young is often photographed in Los Angeles Rams T-shirts (he's from Anaheim), but he missed a chance to rep his former team during the pregame concert on Wednesday night. Count that as an opportunity lost.

We don't give Bill Belichick enough credit for his, uh, creative use of running backs. Stevan Ridley is good, but wait until Hernandez gets the goal line carries.

How are you going to remember the David Wilson era in New York? Dude, Adam Morrison called, he said you shouldn't be crying on the field. How can a team like the Giants lack focus like that? Or did we all forget the Giants were 9-7 last year, and if Miles Austin could have made the big catch in Week 14 like he did on Wednesday night, we'd have different champions.

Trent Richardson should start your season on the bench. The Eagles do allow a lot of points to fantasy running backs, but the fear is Richardson will be on a pitch count. He has the chance to have a solid rookie season, but it's not going to start in Week 1. Seriously, I'm thinking Phillies vs. Indians type of score here.

Reggie Bush is the only option for the Dolphins, but how can you start him? The Texans didn't allow a rushing touchdown in seven of their last eight games, and gave up the second-fewest points to running backs last year. Sure, Bush is more than just a running back, but find some better options.

Avoid the Steelers running backs. None of them have much fantasy value this week. Isaac Redman hasn't done anything to distinguish himself. Jonathan Dwyer looked good at points, but now Rashard Mendenhall has a burst. What do you make of this? Simple. You can't trust any of these guys.

Mike Wallace was already trending down at the end of 2011. Wallace went without a touchdown in six of his last seven games. And the one reception was a Kelly Leak-like grab in front of Brown.

Anquan Boldin is no longer a great fantasy option. He's barely a good fantasy option. Boldin has scored just one touchdown in his last eight games.

Forgive me if I don't go nuts for Demaryius Thomas. He's still raw as a receiver and the Steelers allowed the fewest points to receivers in 2011. And sure, Thomas had a huge game against the Steelers on the playoffs. But it's not happening again.

Stevie Johnson was going to be one of my "likes" this week, but he's been skipping practice because of a groin injury, so now you are encouraged to look for other options.

I was setting up my DVR for the upcoming Fall and against my better judgment, I have "The Office" set to record, even though I know it's going to disappoint me. It's the same feeling owners of Dre Johnson feel when they see drop him in to the lineup every week. The run-first Texans aren't going to get many chances to throw the ball. And the impending blowout against the Dolphins should limit Dre's already diminishing value. The good news is he'll likely spend most of the second half on the bench, so he won't pull a hamstring.

ImageIs it my imagination or does "Animal Practice," new this fall on NBC, look like a spoof show they would produce on "30 Rock?" It will be this generation's "BJ and the Bear." (I implore you kids to IMDB "BJ and the Bear." I would have loved to have been in the pitch meeting for "the Bear" show. So we have this idea, a truck driver and his chimp travel across the country getting into all sorts of adventures.

ImageThe most incredible part of this story isn't "B.J. and the Bear" lasted for three seasons; it was the spinoff it produce, "Sheriff Lobo" with Claude Akins (ZAX).

ImageThe IMDB intro for Sheriff Lobo says he's a corrupt sheriff for Orly County, so can I only guess this was the basis for Michael Chiklis' character in "The Shield?" And Dave Dameshek wisely points out as show about a crooked cop is a comedy? "Bear" and "Lobo" have to rank up there with "Hogan's Heroes" as all-time pitch meetings I would have love to have been in.

But again, don't do anything crazy with Dre Johnson. Don't bench him for Randy Moss or something. Unless you are rolling super deep with guys, you have to play Dre. You just don't have to like it.

And please, the next person who says "Hey, Moss has looked good in practice" should be super-kicked and thrown through a barber shop window. Looking good in practice is akin to kicking 70-yard field goals in warmups. Can we see at least one good game before we go crazy about this?

Is it possible to have a touchdown vulture from the tight end position? Jacob Tamme seems like a guy to like a lot out in Denver, but Joel Dreessen always seems to get the touchdowns.

I like Greg Little a lot this season, but he's not going to be a great option against the Eagles this week. But keep him on your roster, he's going to have a good season.

ImageFormer Browns and Ravens owner Art Modell died this week and the debate about his Hall of Fame candidacy will continue to rage. Modell has two huge strikes against him: He moved a very popular team and he fired Paul Brown. You know Paul Brown -- the guy the team was named after. You can't let Modell in. Modell is often credited for "Monday Night Football," but that gives us Jon Gruden on TV every week, so that might actually work against him. I can't endorse Modell being in the Hall of Fame when guys like Don Coryell are still on the outside looking in.

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