McKayla Maroney is not impressed with the RBs


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  • Darren McFadden

    Can he really be a top back?

  • Ryan Mathews

    Injured again. Thanks.

  • SummerSlam

    No way, Triple H can lose

I feel you McKayla Maroney, I'm not impressed with many of the options at fantasy running back this season, either. Outside of the three automatic choices of Arian Foster, LeSean McCoy and Ray Rice, we might not see another fantasy running back go in the first round of many drafts.

So what are fantasy enthusiasts supposed to do in their upcoming drafts? Thankfully the Like/dislike returns for another season to get you ready for your drafts.

And without further ado ...

You should never let your personal feelings ruin your NFL fantasy draft. And I should be the bigger man, here. But I have to admit I feel rather let down by Chargers RB Ryan Mathews, who figures to be out at least four to six weeks in the upcoming fantasy season.

Part of it is the chagrin of defending Mathews so ardently during the offseason. Despite the rap of being one of the most injury-prone running backs in the NFL, I rightly pointed out he played in 14 games in 2011. And it takes McFadden at least two or three years to approach the 14-game threshold. And I'm barely kidding.

I know how this ends up, too. I'll end up drafting McFadden & Murray and my team will go down in a blazing heap of glory by Week 3. Meanwhile, Mathews ends up finishing the season huge.

And if you missed Dr. Neil on Fantasy Live on Thursday, he said not to expect Mathews until maybe October because of the type of injury. And really, you can't risk it that early in the draft.

The only reason to dampen your enthusiasm for Peterson would be because Toby Gerhart is in the mix, and the Vikings won't be in any rush to over-expose their franchise back in an anticipated lost season. AD will eventually be sat for Matt (as in Matt Barkley).

Can you trust Trent Richardson? Sure, his surgeries were minor, he doesn't have the NFL pedigree of AD. We're so starved for workhorse RBs, we're reaching to move Richardson into elite status.

The Falcons have been running a lot of three-receiver sets in practice under new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. That's a fundamental shift away from the run, and another reason to move RB Michael Turner far down your list of viable options.

You know who won't crack the Top 5 this season? Dre Johnson. He's already had hamstring injuries during the offseason and let's be honest, the Texans are a run-based team. One of your opponents will reach for Dre in your draft. Don't let it be you.

ImageI don't really care for Daniel Bryan already getting away from his "Yes!" chant with the new "No!" chant. Maybe it needed to be done to freshen up his character. But it seems like the WWE is embarrassed by his fortune and his "overness" so it has him looking silly and jobbing to everybody.

ImageChristian must be in the time of his career where he is putting other stars over. Time waits for nobody. But it's a shame his championship run wasn't given a little bit more time before he started putting over Damien Sandow (who I like).

ImageThe idea of making A.J. Lee the general manager was a good one. But if she's going for the business girl look, why can't she wear chucks with her Stephanie McMahon Barbie get up? And why does every WWE Diva have to start wearing glasses when they get power?

Miles Austin has already started to disappoint, which is especially troubling given how the 2011 season played out. Austin was poised to regain the production he yielded to Laurent Robinson, but now he's leaving the door open.

Jason Witten was poised for a monster season, but Dr. Neil is preaching patience with him. Here is what you need to do during your draft: Talk down Witten. Talk about how this injury is going to ruin his season, really pull out all of the stops. Then if you need a tight end in eighth or ninth round, you spring into action and grab Witten as you give off a maniacal laugh.

Tony Romo could have a huge fantasy season, but not if the line can't protect him. All of the Dallas Cowboys' studs are taking a bit of a hit because of it.

I like Rob Gronkowski, but not at the draft position he's coming off the board. Somebody in your league will take Gronk in the second round. Somebody might even reach for him in the first round. Please, don't be that guy.

Gronk has too many guys to compete with in New England. You're better off waiting for a better value down the board.

Wes Welker will dip a little bit in production, but the guy sneezes 100-reception seasons. So have a little restraint with him. I currently have him ranked at No. 8 for receivers. You'll get him in the third round, but will have to pick between him and Green, White and Jones.

Chris Johnson laughed off his slow start in the preseason. Just like he laughed off scoring touchdowns last season. Hilarious! Can you at least gives us a little something to show you can be an elite running back once again?

Enough with this Mike Wallace will be available for the Steelers in Week 1. What the (expletive) is he waiting for? If he's going to report without a new contract, report right now. Is he just taking training camp off? I know the Steelers will talk about "this business" but dang, don't we all wish we could pull that (expletive) at work?

Although, I would like to have Wallace sign a contract like they do on WWE, with a big stage production at midfield of Heinz Field, followed by fisticuffs between Wallace and Steelers GM Kevin Colbert.

The one thing I fear about Wallace is that he's going to go into protective mode like DeSean Jackson did last season, protecting himself from injury by not taking big risks on the field. The era of players going nuts in a contract year might be a thing of the past.

Unless this is baseball, of course. I'm still stunned all these years later Gary Matthews Jr. was able to swindle buckets of cash from the Angels.

ImageAnd the Angels bullpen might be the most disappointing thing in all of sports right now. How can professional pitchers be so bloody awful? Seriously, the Summer of Rank has been ruined by these guys.

RG3 was equally as impressive during his preseason debut. And I like him a lot. In fact, I really like him as a person and he's one of my favorite players in the league. But I don't trust Shanahan and he's going to be drafted higher than I feel comfortable with.

ImageDo any running backs have value in Washington? Well, you must be new here if you're asking the question. I'm the leading authority on #shanahanigans. You know, the misdirection coach Mike Shanahan gives to fantasy enthusiasts by saying Tim Hightower will start for the Skins, and then leave him on the bench for Roy Helu. So avoid all Redskins running backs.

Shane Vereen is starting to gain some traction as a fantasy option in New England. But make no mistake, Bill Belichick dabbles closely to #shanahanigans, but at least his other players put up monster points.

ImageWe've proven our point in Olympic basketball; we can beat everybody with our professionals. I get the knee-jerk reaction at the end of the Cold War to bounce are basketballs with NBA players, but enough is enough. Sure Spain kept it interesting, but I'd much rather see our young college stars battling it out, even if it means we don't always win.

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