You have to like the way Phil Dunphy plays the game


What we are talking about:

  • Matt Ryan

    Falcons QB is a must-start.

  • Jonathan Stewart

    Panthers RBs are good to go.

  • CM Punk

    He's the 'Best in the World.'

What would Phil Dunphy do? Anybody who caught "Modern Family" on Wednesday night has no doubt added that phrase to their vernacular. This is the way we should all go through life.

But that begs the question: What kind of fantasy football player would Phil Dunphy be? Let's be honest, a lot of schemes don't always work out (Head Scratcher ... TM!). So I could easily see him being the guy who would take Matt Ryan with the fifth overall pick in the draft, just because he a 'had a feeling.'

At the same time, the guy has a huge house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, he's a successful real estate agent, and he landed a pretty hot wife. So Phil's a winner in a lot of ways.

So while I can see Phil making a fool of himself by drafting Ryan in the first round of his fantasy league, I also can see his final four picks of the draft being Cam Newton, "Victory" Cruz, Jordy Nelson and DeMarco Murray.

Phil strikes me as the guy who is ridiculed at his fantasy draft, but wins every year. That's the only conclusion we can have, right?

With all of that out of the way, I am offering you my likes and dislikes for the coming fantasy week and more. That's right, Facebook won't give you a dislike button, but I certainly will. And this all will be presented to you in a random, meandering style, which has been glowingly referred to as "teenager on crack chic." Bolded names are my likes, and dislikes. My first "like" is my stat man, Bill "Sudsy" Sudell.

Too many disclaimers? You can always check the rankings, but that is a terrible way to waste a holidy work week.