Like/dislike: Odell Beckham Jr. hate has gone too far


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  • Odell Beckham Jr.

    Chill, people.

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    Season premiere thoughts!

  • Matt Forte

    Bench the former Bear.

This receiver is garbage.

Straight trash.

Pure dukes.

I can't believe I wasted a first-round pick on this guy.

I wish I could cut him.

He's never going to excel with all of these options around him.

If you can't beat the Saints, you must suuuuuuuck!

I can't believe I ever drafted you, Julio!

Oh wait, did you think I was talking about Oddell Beckham Junior.

No, no, no. Those were some of the words used to describe Julio Jones after he scored 1.6 fantasy points against the Saints in Week 3. And don't act like you didn't say that. Only vice presidential candidates can get away with that (pipe down, I didn't pick a side, you read into that on your own). But you were all down on Julio.

In fact, I had to beg -- BEG -- one of my friends to put Jones in his lineup in Week 4. It's true. One of my comedy buddies Matt Cole wanted to bench Julio for somebody. I don't really remember. But this was an actual conversation that I had. And how did he thank me for that on Sunday night? With this text. "Thanks for telling me to bench Ben Roethlisberger for Philip Rivers." Seriously, he was upset about this. And Rivers had a fine game. For sure he didn't have five touchdowns. But Rivers was fine. And that's pretty much how my life goes. Nobody wants to celebrate when you save them from disaster. I'll have to hear about the Rivers over Ben nonsense for a while. A long while.

Odell Beckham Jr. is going to get it a lot worse. He lost a fight to a kicking screen. He had a temper tantrum against a GREAT defense that has shut down a ton of dudes. And now everybody wants to know what is wrong with OBJ.

Well, I hate to break this to you, but take a look at this.

So if Odell gets one touchdown (let alone two), he's having basically the same season. Of course, touchdowns are a big thing. And I suppose they are important. But this isn't so much his fault as it is Eli's.

Actually, the referees need some of the blame here, though. OBJ was hit late out of bounds. He mentions this to the ref, and he gets the penalty for pointing this out. Are you kidding me? He's hit out of bounds again on the next play and I'm frankly surprised he wasn't suspended for the rest of the season. (Seriously officials, you can actually protect the best players in the game. Nobody would be mad.)

But let's go back to Eli. Dude, you need to get it to Odell. Sterling Sheppard is great. Victor Cruz is a nice story this season. But for (expletive) sake, get the ball into the hands of OBJ. Force it if you have to. It's not like you're afraid to throw an interception or four. Odell had the same number of targets as Bobby Rainey on Monday night.


Eli needs to step up and be a leader here. He needs to make sure his guy is taken care of. It's up to Eli to get it to Odell. I will point out Beckham is on pace for 156 targets, which would be more than a quarter of the team's targets. And that's fine. But he still trails Mike Evans (the leader), Antonio Brown and Jarvis Landry among others. Terrelle Pryor has more targets than OBJ at this point. Obviously part of that is because the Browns have trailed a lot and I get that. But this is Odell. Get it together Eli.

I need you, Eli, to go out and channel your inner Ryan Fitzpatrick this week. Sure, he threw six interceptions against the Chiefs two weeks ago. But he targeted Brandon Marshall 16 times. And now Marshall said he's going down in the boat with Fitz. And I also know some of you will be all, "But Fitzpatrick cost the Jets the game." Yeah, I don't care about any of that. I care about my fantasy team. I care about my team getting some wins.

So take advantage of this Packers defense, Eli. Throw the ball to OBJ. Get him a pair of touchdowns (I'm not going to lie, 300 receiving yards would be sweet) and then nobody will bring up this nonsense again.

And without further ado ...

Kirk Cousins feasts on the jobbers of the NFL. He has thrown 26 touchdowns and five picks against teams without winning records. He's got nine touchdowns and 10 picks against teams that are .500 or better.

Matt Ryan belongs in the MVP conversation. He's thrown for 1,473 passing yards through the first four games, which is the third-highest total since 1960. Only Kurt Warner in 2000 and Brady in 2011 have thrown for more yards in the first four games of the season.

In my 16-team Danger Zone League, I had the choice this week between Drew Stanton, Case Keenum and Cody Kessler. I'm writing this before Thursday night's game, I went Keenum.

I wouldn't mind if you wanted to make Brock Osweiler a speculative stream for next week (he has the Colts), but you're out of your mind if you start him against the Vikings.

Jameis Winston has taken 38 quarterback hits this season. That's the most in the NFL and seven more than Andrew Luck, who is second on the list with 31. Throw some blocks, Bucs.

I'm stuck with Tyrod Taylor thanks to the bye weeks. I'm not excited about it. But we're also due for a Los Angeles Rams meltdown at some point. Or more to the point, the "Jeff Fisher messes the bed" part of the season.

Dak Prescott has not thrown an interception this season on 131 pass attempts, the most by a rookie to start his career. He has no giveaways this season. In Tony Romo's 127 career starts, he only has gone four games without a giveaway. A four-game stretch in 2009.

Wait, so why am I not starting Dak again? I guess it's the matchup against the Bengals, who rank 10th against the pass. I would play him with a healthy Dez Bryant. Otherwise, I pass.

I'm a little bummed out the Falcons didn't go for Norm Van Brocklin's single-game record of 554 passing yards. Why not let Ryan go out and heave it to Julio, who could have broken Flipper Anderson's single-game receiving record of 336 receiving yards. And not to mention what it could have done for our fantasy teams. Notice both of those records are held by L.A. Rams!

The Chargers are 1-2 this season when leading by more than 13 points in the fourth quarter. The rest of the NFL is 28-0 in the same situation. So Kyle Shanahan is going to have a lot of choices this year.

Image So I loved "The Flash" this week. But there is always something that bugs me about the show. SPOILER ALERT, but doesn't Barry always seem to give up a little too easy? Like he handed his speed over to Zoom way too easy last year. You could always have double-crossed him after you retrieved Wally West last season. And this year, good Lord, why did you have to kill your parents again? Joe's a bad employee? Wally is injured? It's fine, dude. Iris already said she was into you. You could take Joe to a motivational speaker. And Wally would probably recover. Sorry it wasn't at super speed. This kind of makes Barry a bit selfish, no? Like he couldn't handle not being the Flash? I'm with Eobard Thawne here. The Flash can be a jerk.

There is no way I would play Melvin Gordon this week. If you're new to this space, this statement might not make much sense to you given how well he's played. But I put Gordon in the dislike ledger the first two weeks of the season, and as a service to Gordon holders I will continue to do it.

I'd be a little skeptical of Tevin Coleman this week. I understand the Falcons coaches have said he's going to play with no restrictions in Denver. But what would you expect them to say?

I'm in no rush to get Dwayne Washington back into the mix this week against the Eagles. I hope he's inactive so he can return strong the following week. Damn, he's got the Rams next week. It's not getting easier until the Redskins and Texans in Week 7 and 8.

BTW, I might as well put this out there. I love a bunch of the Bears this week. Similarly, to the way I liked the Lions last week. The matchup screams to start your Bears. But it's not going to be this easy, is it? This will be the week the Colts put it all together and absolutely destroy the Bears. And everybody (like me) who has Hoyer and Howard all over the place are going to be chagrined. Because football.

I love Matt Forte. I liked that the Jets trusted him so much in the early going. But this is going to be a tough week for him. The Steelers are fourth against the rush. Add Bilal Powell, too. He can't keep up this pace.

Image "Total Bellas" is back on E! I love Nikki and Brie. I like just about everybody who is on this show. Especially Bryan Danielson. But this show, while entertaining has a very negative quality with John Cena. Now, I acknowledged last week Cena shined in "Talking Smack" on the WWE Network. Go look it up. I was effusive in my praise. This show is not a good vehicle for him. I'm willing to believe this whole thing is scripted. Like I'm sure John Cena just rolls to happy hour in a purple suit. But seriously, his acting in this series is amazing. Because if he's trying to come off as truly unlikeable like every jerk boyfriend in a teen movie, he's doing a fantastic job.

I'd start Will Fuller this week. But I'm off DeAndre Hopkins. Five of Brock's six interceptions have come when he's targeted Hopkins. I like that he's trying to force the ball to Hopkins. I love it, actually. But I'm passing against the Vikings.

I really don't believe the lack of Kevin White means an uptick in targets for Alshon Jeffery. He's going to continue to have the same role with the team. Who says Cameron Meredith doesn't step up?

Phillip Dorsett is talented. But he does the same thing T.Y. Hilton does, just not as well. It's like being the Stone Temple Pilots of the Colts receivers. You'll never be as good as Hilton's Pearl Jam. Sorry, I've been listening to too much Lithium on Sirius XM.

Tajae Sharpe has been a disappointment so far. Obviously not the superstar we expected him to be. But with all of the injuries my team took, I've slowly started to add him back on rosters.

Don't feel like you have to start Rob Gronkowski or Tyler Eifert this week because they are big names. I understand both guys have been great in the past, but this is 2016. If you're playing in a league that rewards you for fantasy points based on last year, then I would definitely play Eifert.

Image May I say something about the ending of the Tennessee vs. Georgia game last week? I feel sick for the Bulldogs and their fans. That game was taken from them because of a stupid taunting rule. These are college kids who displayed real human emotions and they were penalized for it? Are you kidding me? Georgie scored with 10 seconds remaining. I'm sorry if these guys, who are trained to run into each other at high speeds, are a little excited about it. This would have been a perfect time for the referees to use some tact and remove Georgia from the field. Instead, they piled on an excessive celebration penalty that changed the entire game. I don't understand how the Volunteers could feel great about this. But since they're all probably Peyton Manning fans, I can. Please change this rule. Let players celebrate, do the McGringleberry and have some fun. If it evolves to the point where it becomes like the open scene in "BASEketball" then maybe change the rule. But this was garbage. Much like the catch rule.

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