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Weekly rankings: Alshon Jeffery a new No. 1 in Chicago


It's time for this week's rankings. You are either starting your playoff push, or right in the middle of it. So no time for dawdling, it's time to get to the rankings.


1. Peyton Manning
2. Drew Brees
3. Nick Foles
4. Tony Romo
5. Cam Newton
6. Russell Wilson
7. Philip Rivers
8. Matthew Stafford
9. Andrew Luck
10. Tom Brady

* Might have to reconsider Romo here. Will the Cowboys run the ball against the Packers? They sure looked good running it against the Bears but had to abandon it when December happened.

*Andrew Luck has briefly worked back into my good graces. There are a lot of poor quarterback matchups up there, or at least a few I'm worried about.

* I want to like Wilson's lineup more than I do.

Running backs

1. Jamaal Charles
2. LeSean McCoy
3. Knowshon Moreno
4. Matt Forte
5. Marshawn Lynch
6. Eddie Lacy
7. DeMarco Murray
8. Shane Vereen
9. Alfred Morris
10. Steven Jackson

* Charles and McCoy are too often overshadowed by Adrian Peterson, but these guys are absolutely money.

* Only Moreno could lose so many carries at the goal line to Montee Ball, and yet still be one of the best fantasy options going. It's crazy.

* Now you're turning it up, Jackson? I can get behind that.

Wide receivers

1. Calvin Johnson
2. Josh Gordon
3. Alshon Jeffery
4. Eric Decker
5. A.J. Green
6. Dez Bryant
7. DeSean Jackson
8. Demaryius Thomas
9. Keenan Allen
10. Brandon Marshall

* Jeffery is the new No. 1 receiver for the Bears. The dude is simply amazing.

* Decker and Thomas might see an uptick since Wes Welker can't go. Not that they need any help.

* Allen should not be slowed by his shoulder injury at all, and the good news is the Broncos are a pretty good matchup.

Tight ends

1. Jimmy Graham
2. Vernon Davis
3. Julius Thomas
4. Jordan Cameron
5. Greg Olsen
6. Jason Witten
7. Delanie Walker
8. Dennis Pitta
9. Antonio Gates
10. Tony Gonzalez

* Yep, I'm buying in on Cameron. The matchup against the Bears is pretty decent -- not great, but decent.

* Pitta is back!


1. Sebastian Janikowski
2. Matt Prater
3. Nick Novak
4. Mason Crosby
5. Steven Hauschka
6. Stephen Gostkowski
7. Justin Tucker
8. Adam Vinatieri
9. Phil Dawson
10. Robbie Gould

* Yeah, kickers.


1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. Carolina Panthers
3. Seattle Seahawks
4. Arizona Cardinals
5. San Francisco 49ers
6. Buffalo Bills
7. Cincinnati Bengals
8. New Orleans Saints
9. Chicago Bears
10. Jacksonville Jaguars

* The Jags have played some pretty good defense over the last couple of weeks. Might want to jump on the bandwagon right now.

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