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Which number will Titans' Derrick Henry wear?

Titans running back Derrick Henry's time wearing No. 2 is coming to an end.

NFL running backs cannot wear single-digit jersey numbers during the regular season, but in order to solve this mystery, there is a tangled web to un-weave.

According to ESPN, Henry is waiting out No. 24, which is currently worn by Perrish Cox. Cox was wearing No. 29 but switched it in order to accommodate running back DeMarco Murray.

"We're just trying to wait and see what numbers come available," Henry told the website. "If a number comes available that he wants, then we'll try to work something out.

"We're still not sure yet, we just have to wait. I'm anxious too to find our what number I will wear."

Henry's pragmatism is likely wreaking havoc on the Titans' merchandising department at the moment. As one of the league's most popular rookies, it would be nice to get a realistic replica jersey into stores sometime before the regular season starts.

The situation brings to light an age-old argument from fans of both college and NFL football about breaking down the positional guidelines assigned to numbers. In recent years we've had concessions allowing linebackers to wear numbers in the forties, though that was because offensive linemen and defensive linemen gobbled up most of the available digits in their category.

While referees in college seem to manage fine despite defensive linemen wearing No. 1 or quarterbacks wearing No. 98, we're sure Bill Belichick would find some way to use this to his advantage and confuse the rest of the league. So thanks, Bill.

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