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Veteran OL Jason Peters on playing an 18th NFL season: 'I still got some in the tank'

Jason Peters plans on playing an 18th NFL season after starting eight games for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020.

The nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle joined NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Thursday and said that what he brings to the table is more than just on-field reps. Peters noted how he's able to help younger player evolve their game.

"I don't know about 'a whole lot,' but I still got some in the tank, and I can definitely show some of the young guys how to play the game of football," he said. "You can know the Xs and Os, but I'm gonna be the one to stay with 'em after practice and show 'em how to really play the game, the technique, and the things about the detail of the football game throughout the course of the season."

Peters has played the last 12 seasons in Philadelphia after five years in Buffalo. After sitting unsigned for months last season, he re-upped with the Eagles in July following guard Brandon Brooks' Achilles tear. Peters was slated to play guard, but he ended up back out at tackle after further injuries to Philly's O-line.

Wearing an Eagles sweatshirt during his GMFB interview, the 39-year-old sounded like he knows he'll likely have to move on from Philly to continue his career. Peters noted that the club is in rebuild mode with younger players and no cap space.

Peters has been in Philly through the ups and downs of the past 12 seasons, from the end of the Andy Reid years to the Chip Kelly disaster to the Super Bowl win to last season's collapse. The veteran offensive lineman was asked his take on how the Carson Wentz trade went down.

"I was surprised, but I wasn't, like, super surprised because when they benched him and put Jalen (Hurts) in, things went left," he said. "And I always encouraged him and told him, 'Keep working, everything happens for a reason,' and, like I said, I wasn't crazy surprised when it happened, but any team that was gonna pick him up, I knew it was gonna be Frank Reich 'cause when he was there, Frank had him running smooth. Super Bowl run, we went and got the trophy, and that was my deal on that. Carson is a great player, nothing really went wrong on that. He just was in Philadelphia. It's a hard city to play for, man, they're critical of every play, inch, foot, year. You gotta bring it every year or Philadelphia will eat you up, man."

Peters knows firsthand the pressure of playing in Philly. After 12 years, he might be suiting up for another club if an 18th pro season is in the cards for the potential Hall of Fame offensive tackle.

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