Twitter reaction to Eagles firing head coach Chip Kelly

The Eagles made a surprising move by firing head coach Chip Kelly before Black Monday.

Well I tried to tell you before the game Saturday that the game meant much more to Chip then anything. Philly is about playoff wins. Fired — Donovan McNabb (@donovanjmcnabb) December 30, 2015

C. Kelly the g.m got C. Kelly the hd coach fired. The skill players that left that tm Jackson, McCoy and Maclin were not replaced. — shannon sharpe (@ShannonSharpe) December 30, 2015

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" — Emmanuel Acho (@thEMANacho) December 30, 2015

He came in, cut DJax, traded Shady & didn't sign Maclin. Now he's gone and those players are still gone. I know Philly doesn't like that. — Jamar Chaney (@Jamar51Chaney) December 30, 2015

Chip Kelly fired after two 10-6 seasons and 1 bad season but other coachs consistently underperform stay keepin jobs?? Explain that to me... — Stanford Routt (@SRoutt26) December 30, 2015

Chip fired before the season ended. That's deeper than we know. — HAPPY HOLLEYDAY (@Mr4thAndLong) December 30, 2015

Chip Kelly deserved it. — Brandon King (@BrandonKing4787) December 30, 2015

Waits for LeSean McCoy's comments or tweet — Jamal Anderson (@jamthedirtybird) December 30, 2015

I'm shocked. Surprised that happened — Earl Wolff (@Ewolff28) December 30, 2015

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