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Top 50 Sounds: 20-11

Sound represents the very essence of the NFL, and nobody understands that better than Bose. As we count down the weeks to Super Bowl 50, let's relive some of the most iconic moments in football history with these 50 greatest sounds of the NFL. This installment is 20-11. 

20. "They are who we thought they were!"

10/16/2006: After an embarrassing loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green let his emotions get the best of him during a postgame press conference. His Cardinals had blown a 20-point lead in under 20 minutes and in just 20 seconds. The exasperated Green became yet another coach to lose his cool in timeless fashion. Although he later apologized, Green was relieved of his duties at the end of the season.

19. "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

1/27/2015: Despite his transcendent play on the field, Marshawn Lynch has never been one to grasp for the limelight off of it. Lynch was fined during the 2013 season for refusing to talk to the media, and again in 2014, but was still reluctant to change his tune. Yet, by the time Media Day rolled around at Super Bowl XLIX, Lynch had found a rather hilarious way around his mandated vocality. Hey, at least he's honest.

18. Antonio Freeman's MNF Catch

11/6/2000:Al Michaels has seen a lot throughout his tenure as an NFL commentator, but nothing could prepare him for what occurred between the Packers and Vikings on Monday Night Football. During the Packers' first overtime drive, Brett Favre lofted a pass to Antonio Freeman that appeared incomplete. It wasn't, and Freeman snatched the ball from off his elbow, hopped to his feet and ran into the end zone for a game-winning touchdown. Michaels's call wonderfully captures the absurdity.

17. Best of Vince Lombardi Sound FX

There is no name more ubiquitous in NFL history than Vince Lombardi. A pioneer of football as we know it, Lombardi was seen by both his teammates and peers as one of the greatest minds the game has ever seen. Whether it be his strategic acumen or innate leadership ability, there's a reason the Super Bowl trophy boasts his name. Feast your eyes and ears on some of the best Lombardi sounds NFL Films has to offer.

16. Miracle at The Meadowlands: "An Incredible Development!"

11/19/1978:Much to the chagrin of Giants fans around the world, few will forget what happened at home against the Philadelphia Eagles in 1978. With just seconds left and the game well in hand, all the Giants had to was run out the clock. Instead, they fumbled and Eagles cornerback Herman Edwards ran it in for a game-winning touchdown. An incredible development, indeed.

15. The Holy Roller

9/10/1978:The Oakland Raiders have often ended up on the wrong side of NFL history, but during this 1978 Week 2 matchup against the San Diego Chargers, the ball finally, and literally, bounced their way. With just 10 seconds remaining and the Raiders down 20-14, Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler fumbled the ball towards the goal line. The ball was fumbled forward by two more players until the Raiders finally recovered it in the end zone for the game-winning score. Stabler's fumble will go down as one of the most bizarre and controversial finishes in NFL history, and Raiders radio announcer Bill King gives a superbly appropriate account of the madness that transpires.

14. "How 'bout them Cowboys?!"

1/17/1993:The Dallas Cowboys were just one win away from reaching their sixth Super Bowl when they took the field against the 14-2 San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park. The Cowboys played inspired, defeating the 49ers, 30-20, behind a balanced performance led by quarterback Troy Aikman. After the game, a jubilant Jimmie Johnson addressed his team with a congratulatory speech. The speech ended with four words that remain a rallying cry for the Cowboys to this day: "How 'bout them Cowboys?!"

13. John Elway's Super Bowl Helicopter

*1/25/1998:*At 37 years old, John Elway wanted that Super Bowl victory. Winless in his previous three appearances, Elway would stop at nothing to secure that elusive Lombardi trophy, even if it meant subjecting his worn down body to a big hit. Well, during a 17-17 tie with three minutes left in the third quarter, it did. On third and six, Elway scrambled and leaped to reach the first down, colliding with two Packers and spinning in the air before crashing to the turf. Broncos radio announcers Dave Logan and Scott Hastings can barely contain their excitement.

12. Sea of Hands

12/21/1974:Even after finishing the regular season an NFL best 12-2, the Oakland Raiders had their hands full with the Miami Dolphins in the 1974 AFC Divisional Game. Don Shula's Dolphins had won the previous two Super Bowls and were leading in Oakland 26-21 with just seconds left. But, from the Dolphins' 8-yard line, Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler escaped a sack and tossed the ball into the end zone while being dragged to the ground. Running back Clarence Davis reached through a "sea of hands", as it came to be known, and secured one of the most memorable touchdowns in football history. The esteemed Curt Gowdy of NBC had the call.

11. Staubach to Pearson Hail Mary

12/28/1975:There have been several Hail Mary touchdowns in NFL history, but the very first miracle touchdown catch to garner that name occurred between the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings during the 1975 NFC Divisional Game. With just 32 seconds left on the clock and his team trailing 14-10, Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach launched a pass from midfield to running back Preston Pearson for the game-winning touchdown. Gary Bender of CBS had the call.

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