Top 10 mobile quarterbacks in NFL history

   McNabb went from being booed on draft day to using his strong arm and nimble feet to lead the 
  Eagles to their first Super Bowl in 24 years. 
   Often criticized for being small in stature, the crafty and motivated Flutie came up big when his team needed a play. 
   Further proof that milk does a body good, Zorn drank his and then helped lead the expansion 
  Seahawks to respectability with his mobility. 
   Not at all known for being fleet of foot and known more for what he could do with his arm, Marino makes this 
  *NFL's Top 10* list for another reason. 
   After winning the Heisman Trophy while at the Naval Academy, Staubach went on to a decorated career with the 
  Michael Vick broke the record in 2006, Douglass held the standard rushing total for running quarterbacks. 
   Vick's when-in-doubt-run philosophy netted a 1,000-yard rushing season in 2006, becoming the first quarterback to do so. 
   During his heyday with the 
  Eagles, Cunningham was as much of a threat to pass as he was to improvise on the run. 
   Young ran out of the shadow of 
  49ers legend Joe Montana and created his own legacy as one of the game's most dangerous quarterbacks. 
   Aside from being one of the NFL's best passers, Tarkenton attracted widespread attention as an exciting scrambler. 

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