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Tony Romo considering offers to be TV analyst

It isn't just the Texans and Broncos who apparently want Tony Romo.

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, both CBS and FOX have expressed interest in hiring the quarterback as a football analyst for next season, and he's mulling offers from them. The soon-to-be 37-year-old is obviously the best attainable quarterback on the open market right now but has only appeared in five games over the past two seasons thanks to a series of injuries. Could this be the safest option?

Rapoport said that all else remains status quo. The Houston Texans are prepared to take a run if Romo becomes available. The Broncos are comfortable with their current options until they are not. The Cowboys continue to hold all the cards in what has become the lamest game of football poker we've seen in quite some time. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Tuesday he wants to have a resolution on Romo's future "before training camp."

Any team interested in Romo now has to wait, unless Romo decides to walk away altogether, which is also not outside the realm of possibility. NFL Network's Jane Slater has brought up the retirement option several times over the last few weeks.

She added this on Tuesday:

Television could solve Romo's problem before it gets ugly, allowing him to retire and jump head first into the next phase of his career. There is little doubt he would shine in the booth, where he'll likely end up anyway whenever his playing days are over.

Of course, his midseason concession speech to Dak Prescott made clear that he still wants to play and there are two excellent playoff-caliber rosters keeping an eye on the next step.

That might be tempting enough to push off the analyst role for a year.

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