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Tom Coughlin preps Giants for questions about his job

Tom Coughlin is getting his players prepped for a different line of questioning.

With the Giants far out of the playoff race, making it five of six years that Coughlin's team has missed the postseason, the head coach let players know that they'd likely hear plenty of rumors about his job status down the stretch.

According to Eli Manning, who spoke on a conference call Monday, it was a short portion of the coach's address to players earlier that morning. After that, it seems, Coughlin was done addressing the subject.

"This thing is not about me, and I'm not interested in discussing my circumstance," Coughlin said in a conference call shortly after Manning's.

This will, of course, be one of the more fascinating situations to keep an eye on. It's hard to imagine the Hall of Fame-bound coach being forced out. It's also hard to imagine Coughlin voluntarily retiring. He has said multiple times that he feels young for the business and wants to continue coaching. It is out of the ordinary, though, to hear Coughlin addressing the issue at all.

Sunday's loss to the Jaguars doesn't help the situation, but it's important to consider Coughlin's body of work over the last decade. His ability to dig the team out of an 0-6 hole last year cannot be overlooked.

For now, Coughlin knows there are plenty of ways this can go down. He's just making sure his players are ready to be asked about it.

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