Tom Brady throws for 466 yards to foil Rex Ryan, Bills

Rex Ryan had Buffalo in a fever all week. The fever broke midway through the first quarter of a convincing 40-32 victory by the New England Patriots in Buffalo Sunday. Here's what we learned:

  1. So much for Rex having a beat on how to slow down Tom Brady. The Patriots passed on their first 10 plays and kept spreading out the Bills all game. Brady threw the ball 59 times for 466 yards and three scores. The Patriots' running backs had a grand total of 10 carries. Brady continually found advantageous matchups with linebackers on Rob Gronkowski, Dion Lewis or Julian Edelman depending on the play. Those three receivers alone accounted for 24 catches and 308 yards.

"Can't give up 500 yards and turn it over three times," Ryan said after the game. "We did a horse---- job and it's my responsibility."

  1. Coach Bill Belichick and Brady only know one speed. They kept throwing the ball every down and going empty backfield even while up by three scores in the fourth quarter. They went for a 40-yard touchdown pass on fourth-and-1 midway through the fourth quarter. After constantly failing to put the Bills away, Buffalo crept all the way back to only five points down with just over four minutes left.

At that point, most teams would try to slow down the pace. Instead, the Patriots continued to throw the ball vertically and it paid off with a long drive inside the Bills' red zone. Danny Amendola made an outrageous one-handed diving catch that helped put the Bills away.

  1. Tyrod Taylor's final numbers (242 yards, three TDs, three interceptions, two fumbles) look even better than his overall effort. He showed some serious red flags, getting sacked eight times. Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins combined for 5.5 sacks, although most of those were on Taylor for holding the ball too long.

Taylor looked unsure of where to go with the ball as the Patriots dared him to throw by loading up eight men in the box. Taylor isn't equipped yet to handle third-and-long situations. His high throw to Sammy Watkins was picked off to end Buffalo's rally.

  1. This game was an indictment on all that Rex believes holy. The Bills were the far superior running team with 160 yards on the ground. LeSean McCoy looked much more explosive than last week. It didn't matter. Ryan believes in an ultra-aggressive defensive unit, but New England's fast pace effectively neutered Ryan's ability to scheme up pressures or substitute players.
  1. Lewis is not a one-week wonder. He gained 138 yards from scrimmage, including six catches for 98 yards, many of them coming at wide receiver. He also received the ultimate Belichick compliment by continuing to play after a fumble. Super Bowl starter LeGarrette Blount had two carries.
  1. Bills safety Aaron Williams was carted off the field in an ambulance with a neck injury. He was taken to a local hospital.
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