Titans encouraged Zach Mettenberger's haircut, shave

Zach Mettenbergerstarted his first game Sunday after a haircut and mustache trim. The Tennessee Titans then got blown out by the Houston Texans30-16.

Apparently the decision to clean up his look wasn't all on the rookie.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt told reporters on Monday that the haircut was not "a decision he made on his own," per Titan Insider.

Fans and media had fun with Mettenberger's wild hair and mustache when he was named the starter last week. Prior to the game, however, the quarterback sent a selfie showing his new trimmed-down look.

(J.J. Watthad his say about the rookie's seflies after the game.)

Quarterbacks are viewed as CEOs of the organization, and it appears Tennessee didn't care for the rookie's look prior to his first start.

Funny that the Titans didn't seem to go after Charlie Whitehurst's, ahem, unique appearance during his past few starts.

While suits worry about appearance, the team should be more concerned about wins -- of which the Titans have two this season. We assume Whisenhunt and his quarterback will be more worried about improving rather than hairstyles and selfies moving forward.

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