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Tim Couch: Kosar was right, Browns can't develop a QB

Tim Couch, the poster child for Cleveland's modern quarterback woes, read Bernie Kosar's thorough rip job on the organization and nodded approvingly.

"I thought everything he said was right," Couch, the first overall draft pick in the revamped Browns franchise back in 1999, said Tuesday, via "It's been a long 15 years of watching the same thing repeat itself over and over. The biggest thing that frustrates me is the lack of commitment and loyalty to let a coach see it out and a quarterback play it out."

Couch got five seasons in Cleveland and led the Browns to the playoffs before breaking his leg, which allowed Kelly Holcomb to grab hold of the starting job.

He was released with a 22-37 career record as a starter.

While Couch said that Manziel was "awful" on Sunday, he again blamed the fact that Cleveland never builds a team around its quarterback, which creates the same vicious cycle that Couch has watched over the past 15 seasons.

The only bonus about the recent developments, though, is hearing from players like this. Perhaps we'll get an impassioned plea from Charlie Frye next.

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