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Texans will star in 10th season of HBO's 'Hard Knocks'

Hard Knocks is coming to Houston.

The Texans announced Wednesday that they will take part in the 10th season of the acclaimed HBO documentary series that offers an inside look at NFL training camp. The season premieres Aug. 11.

The Texans are the first AFC South team to make a star turn on Hard Knocks and the fifth AFC team to appear on the show in the past six years. Houston was among the nine teams that the NFL could require to appear on the show in accordance to a league rule passed in 2013, though it's possible -- and probably likely -- that the franchise is a willing participant.

The Falcons served as the focus of the 2014 edition of Hard Knocks. Other recent participants include the Bengals (2013), Dolphins (2012) and Jets (2010). The series went on hiatus in 2011 due to complications presented by the NFL lockout.

Fun fact that might excite Texans fans while simultaneously dinging the stodgy "Hard Knocks is a distraction!" contingent: The five most recent teams to appear on Hard Knocks have improved their won-loss record in the season that followed. (OK, the Falcons jumped from 4-12 to 6-10, but improvement is improvement.)

As per Around The NFL tradition, we will offer up weekly episode recaps for each of the five installments of Hard Knocks, which will premiere in early August. There will be plenty of worthy storylines to track. Hopefully the Texans will provide enough entertainment to crack our greatest hits collection.

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