Talib on Broncos' decisions: Elway will figure it out

Reminiscent of the task facing the Super Bowl XLVII champion Baltimore Ravens four years ago, the Denver Broncos will spend the offseason making tough decisions on their Super Bowl 50 championship roster.

If Super Bowl MVP Von Miller draws the franchise tag -- as expected -- where does that leave quarterback Brock Osweiler, breakout star Malik Jackson and rangy linebacker Danny Trevathan?

Appearing on Tuesday's edition of NFL Total Access, Pro Bowl cornerback Aqib Talib expressed the utmost confidence that general manager John Elway will handle the job with typical aplomb.

"John Elway does his job great, man," Talib said. "He'll figure it out."

Asked which player beyond Miller is the most crucial to the team's future success, Talib responded, "Malik (Jackson) is crucial, Danny Trey (Trevathan) is crucial, (Brandon Marshall) is crucial, depending on what Peyton does, Brock is crucial. ... I'm glad I get to sit here with y'all. I don't have to sweat in that office and figure that out."

While the Denver futures of Jackson and Trevathan are up in the air, Talib went to bat for Osweiler as the team's 2016 quarterback.

"I would love to see it," Talib explained. "I feel like he stepped in for Peyton and he played great. He was a leader for us, he was vocal, he was confident. And that was his first time doing it. ... Going forward, I got all the confidence in the world in Brock, that he can lead us and be our quarterback if he has to."

Talib isn't alone in that sentiment. In his own NFL Total Access appearance on Monday, Jackson vouched for Osweiler as a "proven" NFL starter capable of winning games with the Broncos' upper echelon defensive talent.

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