Sylvester Williams: Kubiak indicated Sanchez will start

After satisfying Von Miller with a massive, long-term contract extension, the next to-do item for the Super Bowl-winning Broncos is clear: pick a starting quarterback.

According to Sylvester Williams, that's already been done. The defensive tackle fully expects veteran Mark Sanchez to win the job over second-year arm Trevor Siemian and rookie Paxton Lynch, largely because of the message coach Gary Kubiak delivered during the offseason.

"Right now, they're giving all three of those guys equal reps, so I don't think either one of them has created any advantage at this point, because they haven't consistently been with the ones yet," Williams told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Wednesday. "But I think, going into the camp, I think coach Kubiak kind of let us know he's going to go with Mark and give Mark the opportunity to see what he can do and then go on from there."

Broncos coaches have talked up the untested Siemian as having a "legitimate shot" to start, while general manager John Elway said in May that Lynch will be "ready quicker than a lot of people think."

Still, it's not surprising if Kubiak chooses to open the campaign with the only quarterback on his roster boasting genuine NFL experience. For all his on-field quirks, Sanchez has 72 regular-season starts and a 4-2 playoff record with two trips to the AFC title game. He's also a confirmed turnover machine primed to lose any job he wins.

Williams, at least when talking Wednesday, disagreed, saying: "Personally, I've got a lot of faith in Mark and Trevor, as well as Paxton. But I feel like Mark can go out there and get the job done if he needed to."

With the Broncos set to kick off their preseason on Aug. 11 against the Bears, the answers to these long-running -- and, by now, oxygen-sucking -- questions will come soon enough.

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