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Steve Smith: 'Anybody is better than Brock Osweiler'

The Cleveland Browns earned rave reviews from how they handled Thursday night's first round of the draft, one that could have gone sideways under less competent management. But despite hauling in an elite pass rusher, a versatile safety and an athletic tight end-in-progress, there remains lingering issues at the quarterback position.

The Browns passed on trading up for Mitchell Trubisky and traded out of an opportunity to select Deshaun Watson. If the season were to start today -- it wouldn't, but let's fantasize -- either Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan or new acquisition Brock Osweiler would be under center in Cleveland, not exactly a murderer's row of gunslingers.

So should the Browns attack the quarterback position on Day 2 with names like DeShone Kizer and Davis Webb still on the board? Or should they hold back and let the QBs on their roster battle it out in training camp?

Shocker: NFL Network's Steve Smith has an opinion.

"Anybody is better than Brock Osweiler," the former Panthers and Ravens wide receiver espoused on NFL Draft Kickoff. "He sure does (have a winning record). That's why Houston got rid of him. ... They gave him to Goodwill and Goodwill is trying to get rid of him.

"I'm not sold on (Kizer and Webb), but you don't have much going on. ... You've got to do something because if you don't, everybody's going to be unemployed. Somebody's got to throw to somebody."

We're not sure what's more hilarious: suggesting that a $72 million QB will absolutely be outplayed by a Day 2 rookie in 2017 or comparing the Cleveland Browns professional football organization to a shirt-swapping non-profit. The best part about Smith's assessment? It's fair advice that the Browns might just take on Friday night.

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