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Steve Keim: Cards will be 'aggressive' in free agency

After falling short of high expectations and finishing 7-8-1 in 2016, the Arizona Cardinals are eager to turn the page and reload this offseason.

But are the Cardinals zeroing in on a particular position of need during free agency -- which begins March 9 -- and at the 2017 NFL Draft? Cardinals general manager said they are focused on roster depth.

"There isn't any position, if we feel we can significantly upgrade that spot, that we won't either draft a player or sign a player in free agency," Keim said Friday during an appearance on Arizona Sports per the team's official website. "You can have a solid offense and defense, but depth is, to me, where you can really make a difference in the NFL."

Keim ensured the team will be proactive during free agency.

"We'll certainly be aggressive and keep our foot on the gas pedal, try to keep pushing this thing in the right direction," he said. "There's no doubt we took a step back last year. We've got to pick up the pieces and make some good decisions this offseason."

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer and wide receiver Larry Fitzgeraldannounced earlier this year that they'll return for their 15th and 14th NFL seasons, respectively. With both veterans locked up for 2017 and seemingly in the twilight of their careers is it Super Bowl LII or bust for Arizona?

"It's a tough double-edged sword for me," Keim said. "There are guys like Carson and Larry where you know the end is sooner rather than later. So you have to try and build around them and, so to speak, go for it now.

"But that's our mindset every year. We're never in a rebuilding phase. To me, you owe it to your fanbase to go for it every year, to be aggressive either in free agency or the draft. But you also have to keep in mind that you are going to do the right thing for the organization for the long-term. That's the biggest challenge."

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