Sean Payton likens Trace McSorley to Julian Edelman

Trace McSorley remains adamant that he's a quarterback, but that won't stop NFL personnel people from envisioning the Penn State product in a different light.

McSorley declined to work out at a defensive back during the NFL Scouting Combine, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported over the weekend.

What about a third position?

In his Football Morning In America column, Peter King spoke to New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton about McSorley. The coach made an interesting comparison.

"When I looked at him, my first thought was, 'I wonder if he can be [Julian] Edelman?' I wondered if he could be a versatile kind of guy," Payton said.

Perhaps a comparison to the reigning Super Bowl MVP, and former Kent State quarterback turned seventh-round receiver, might have McSorley reconsidering a possible position switch. Edelman went from a limited college passer to a dangerous chess piece with the Patriots. Simply comparing McSorley to Edelman's versatility is its own weighty compliment.

For now, McSorley wants to be considered a quarterback. It's his right to pursue that goal as long as he can after throwing for 9,899 yards in 46 games at Penn State. If a team drafts him as a QB, that pursuit can continue. Perhaps if 254 selections are made in this year's draft and McSorley doesn't hear his name called, he'd consider a position switch.

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