Seahawks championship merch will go to good use

It's a familiar tale by now, but one that doesn't get less painful for fans of the Super Bowl loser.

Tens of thousands of T-shirts, caps and sweatshirts had been prepped for sale if the Seahawks finished off their final drive against the Patriots on Sunday. One brilliant read by Malcolm Butler changed all that, rendering 2015 Seahawks championship gear painfully obsolete.

Perhaps Seahawks fans can take some solace in knowing the merchandise will not go to waste.

The Guardian reported this week that the boxes of Seahawks championship gear, still sealed, will be sent to a warehouse that will then ship the goods to countries where clothing is most needed.

The NFL stopped destroying unsellable merchandise in 1996. For the past 19 years, the NFL distributed the gear through the Christian charity World Vision. Starting in 2015, the NFL has partnered with Good360, a charity that specializes in distributing corporate goods to nations in need.

Good360 will be responsible for disseminating an estimated 100,000 pieces of Super Bowl merchandise that came oh-so-close to being worn by 12s throughout Washington and beyond.

"It's a huge amount of stuff," Good360 CEO Cindy Hallberlin said. "It's a fantastic opportunity and the start of a great relationship where we could do a lot of good for people through the teams that don't win."

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