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Scot McCloughan: Redskins won't give up on RGIII

When new Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan emphasized building through the draft at Friday's introductory press conference, he wasn't referencing the impending selection of a first-round quarterback.

In a subsequent discussion with WTEM-FM's The Sports Fix, McCloughan made it clear that Robert Griffin III will receive another opportunity to recapture his rookie-season magic.

McCloughan acknowledged a need to do more homework on Griffin, but added that he was "very impressed" with the Baylor star's deep-ball accuracy and athleticism coming out of college.

"I think (the 2015) season is going to tell a lot," McCloughan said. "We'll see what happens heading up to the draft and all that stuff, but I don't think you ever give up on a young quarterback that ... took you to the playoffs as a rookie. I really don't think you do that.

"Because they're so hard to find and he's still young. Give him the benefit of the doubt, he's been banged up. You can say, 'Yeah, the grass is greener,' but who can we go get? If all of a sudden he goes somewhere and starts lighting it up, you know? And Jay (Gruden's) system, that's a tough system the first year to learn. So, I'm very curious to see how his second year goes. Very curious."

McCloughan stopped short of guaranteeing that Griffin will be on the opening-day roster, but reiterated his belief that NFL teams shouldn't throw in the towel on talented young quarterbacks.

"I think you need to give him some time," McCloughan told WNEW-FM, via the Washington Post. "It's the most important position on the field for any organization."

Drawing comparisons to Alex Smith's early stint with the 49ers, McCloughan identified the need to surround Griffin with a strong rushing attack and a more reliable offensive line.

Ultimately, it will be Gruden -- not McCloughan -- who chooses the Week 1 starter.

After hearing the new boss' comments Friday, though, it's more likely that Griffin is under center for the Redskins than taking advantage of a fresh start in another organization.

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