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Saints would seek second-round pick for Sean Payton

Would you like Saints head coach Sean Payton to be your head coach in 2016? All it would take is a new contract and a second-round draft pick.

The pick, reported by NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport on Monday, is the sticking point here. The Saints are obviously listening and could part ways with their Super Bowl-winning coach for the right price.

FOX Sports first noted that the Saints could be seeking a second-rounder for Payton.

Although some teams might scoff at losing a high draft choice, others could view it the same way head coaches do when former top-five picks become available in free agency. Sometimes, these players are worth the treasure trove of money simply because good players don't come around very often.

Payton's star rose rapidly in New Orleans and resulted in one Super Bowl title, but only recently dimmed thanks to massive salary-cap issues and a defense that has criminally underperformed. Drew Brees has not been healthy and his massive contract has prevented the team from adding depth across the board.

All of this, coupled with the fact that Payton has been in black and gold for the last 10 years, could prove to be motivation for a mutual departure.

Teams like Eagles, Giants and 49ers would be wise to at least check in on the matter. Payton would ease some of the risk that comes with a first-time head coach and could install a successful offense right away. They just have to decide if easing a risk is worth a potential star in the second round.

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