Russell Wilson: 'I want to be involved" in Seahawks' personnel decisions

Russell Wilson would like a more prominent voice in the Seattle Seahawks' day-to-day operation.

Speaking Tuesday on The Dan Patrick Show, the quarterback said he believes some players should have an input into personnel because they have a sense of who loves the game and who better players are, per Andrew Perloff

"I want to be involved," Wilson said. "At the end of the day, it's your legacy, your team's legacy. ... It helps to be involved more. That dialogue should happen more often."

Wilson used Tom Brady's situation in Tampa Bay and how the Bucs added players the veteran QB trusted as an example of the sort of input he'd like to have.

Asked specifically if he's been involved in Seattle's personnel decisions, Wilson replied: "Not as much."

Of course, Wilson is far from the only player or big-name QB who would like more input and dialogue with his front office. To a certain extent, clubs should value the input from their top players. Players in the locker room might have a better sense of who is grinding better than management, and, to Wilson's point, who they can trust with the game on the line.

On the other hand, not all decisions can be run by an employee. It could be a slippery slope for a franchise that could disintegrate the locker room quickly if favorites are played based simply on who the QB favors at a given time.

A balanced must be met where a player of Wilson's caliber's opinion is valued and taken into account but balanced out by management's bigger picture.

It's not the first time Wilson mentioned being more involved in the franchise's decision-making process. Before Seattle hired Shane Waldron as the new offensive coordinator, Wilson noted it was "critical" he be involved in the process.

As for Wilson's name being in the QB rumor-mill, NFL Media reported over the weekend that a couple of teams called, but there is no chance the Seahawks deal the signal-caller.

"I'm not sure if I'm available or not. That's a Seahawks question," Wilson told Patrick. "Hopefully, I'll play in Seattle forever."

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