Ron Rivera bans hoverboards from Panthers facility

The Panthers are one win away from the Super Bowl. Ron Rivera is doing everything in his power to keep his players safe ahead of this Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the Cardinals.

To that end, Rivera told reporters on Monday that he has banned hoverboards at the team facility in Charlotte. The final straw for the coach came when he caught some players "drag-racing in the hallway one time."

Rivera didn't identify the racers, but just assume it was an awkward moment when Riverboat turned the corner at the exact wrong time.

"We don't (want) them running around because we don't want something crazy happening here," Rivera said, via "We're trying to limit their exposure to injury."

"Truthfully, somebody told me about them igniting so I went on YouTube and found them," Rivera added. "They also showed the (videos) with people falling off, people making sharp turns and there was somebody standing there and running into them. I can't imagine ..."

Here's a video Ron Rivera might have stumbled upon if he did a "hoverboard accidents" search on YouTube.

The Panthers coach might have also watched this ...

Or, quite possibly, this ...

If Rivera fell down a wormhole, he might have seen a hoverboard drop Mike Tyson worse than James "Buster" Douglas ever could.

So yeah, hoverboards are terrible and dangerous and aren't even really hoverboards, guys. They are banned by the Panthers and hopefully Obama follows suit in his last act as the leader of our nation.

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