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Roger Goodell gives virtual tour of his NFL draft setup

Like everyone else in the football world, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be at home during the 2020 NFL Draft, which begins tonight at 8 ET.

Goodell will announce every pick from a special make-shift studio in the "man cave" of his Westchester County home in New York, and he gave fans an exclusive tour of his "man cave studio" during today's build up to Round 1.

Goodell will be joined by three other people -- one person manning the table where the picks will come in, an ESPN producer and a camera operator -- but all will be practicing social distancing throughout the draft.

Take a gander at the video below to see the Commish's set up -- which features an exquisite leather chair from where Goodell says he's watched football every fall for roughly the past 30 years.

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