RGIII: Unfortunate my name gets used for headlines

Robert Griffin III found himself in a familiar place Tuesday -- the center of a NFL news cycle maelstrom over something he said.

The Washington Redskins quarterback told a local news affiliate on Sunday that he feels he can be "the best quarterback in the league," a line quickly repurposed in dozens of stories with hot takes aplenty.

What too many write-ups and talking head segments left out was a fuller explanation of what Griffin said, specifically his opinion that such self-belief is essential for "any athlete at any level." This is fair and most likely true, but not nearly as clicktastic.

On Tuesday, Griffin spoke with the media about the backlash.

"So, addressing what happened with what happened yesterday with the firestorm that took off with what I said, I know what I meant," he said, according to CSNWashington.com. "I think everyone who is in this circle knows what I meant.

"It's just unfortunate that my name keeps getting used for headlines, for people to click on stories."

Griffin's scheduled media session on Tuesday was initially wiped away, a clear indication Redskins officials weren't thrilled with the latest headlines around their starting quarterback. Griffin successfully lobbied with the team to get the chance to clarify himself.

"I know what I want to be," Griffin said. "I know what I strive to be. And I'm not going to make any apologies for that."


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