Report: Reggie Wayne sparks interest in contenders

The list of teams interested in Reggie Wayne -- or perhaps the list of teams Reggie Wayne is interested in playing for -- is out.

According to WRTV's Dave Furst, the Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Packers have expressed some form of curiosity surrounding the future Hall of Famer. The Broncos have "backed off," per Furst, which denies us a chance to see Wayne catch a pass from Peyton Manning again.

As you'll notice, this is largely a list of contenders with the exception of the Houston Texans. There, Wayne would get a chance to reunite with old pal Vince Wilfork and ride off into the sun together.

This is why the list may be part fantasy and part reality. For example, Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun has already mentioned that the Ravens are out and John McClain of the Houston Chronicle has reported that the Texans are not interested in the veteran's services.

In the NFL, "interest" often gets confused with a team merely checking up on a player's medical progress while asking purposely vague questions about where said player would like to suit up next season. Maybe that's the case here, maybe the Ravens are trying to fly under the radar until after camp, when they don't have to pay Wayne's entire salary for the season.

Either way, a team on the verge would be wise to take a flier on one of the best receivers of the last decade. If nothing else, he'll bring an unquestioned level of leadership and experience to the table.

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