Redskins OC impressed by QB Haskins during virtual meetings

Throughout the offseason, questions swirled about the Washington Redskins' new coaching staff's comfort entering the season with Dwayne Haskins as the starting quarterback.

From the pre-draft smokescreen regarding selecting a QB at No. 2 overall, to discussions of adding a veteran like Cam Newton, to the trade for Kyle Allen, who has familiarity with coach Ron Rivera and offensive coordinator Scott Turner, each phase of the offseason has brought a different question about what it means for Haskins and his future.

As we set to enter June, Haskins remains the Redskins' starting quarterback.

Turner noted this week on a conference call that he's been impressed with the second-year signal-caller's mental acuity during virtual meetings.

"When we're talking to him on Zoom sessions], he's speaking the language," Turner said, [via ESPN. "It's pretty easy to tell if they get it or not. Dwayne's doing a great job."

The mental aspect of the pro game is where the best starters make strides in their second year and beyond. With a full offseason to focus on reading defenses and identifying coverages and rushes, the game slows down for some young signal-callers.

According to Turner, Haskins is improving in his film study and knowledge base.

"That is something that we talked about a few days earlier and we picked up on it because he saw it," Turner said. "That is just a very simple example. Things like that. 'Hey, what is this motion called?' And he will answer correctly.

"It isn't always like that. Sometimes you have to go back over things, but that happens with everyone. When you can have that dialogue and they can give you the correct answer and are repeating the things that you talked about in earlier sessions, that is when you know it is really starting to click."

Big questions still need to be answered about Haskins' physical game once offseason workouts begin at some point this year. His footwork and ability to avoid sacks both need to improve if he's to make a Year 2 leap.

But from a mental approach, it's a positive to hear the new OC glow about a young quarterback, even in a curtailed offseason.

"You can tell he's putting the work in away from the meeting time," Turner said. "Obviously as a coach and putting in this new offense, I'd love to have more time with him. I think that we're doing a great job with making the most of the situation."

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