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Raiders' O-line planning protest before game

The entire offensive line of the Oakland Raiders plans to protest during the national anthem prior to Sunday night's game against the Washington Redskins in response to President Trump's statements about the NFL, a player with knowledge of the situation told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

The Raiders' offensive line, the only all African-American unit in the NFL, plans to sit or kneel together in protest of unity during the anthem, according to Rapoport.

"As far as some of the players I've spoken with, even a lot of them who have strong views and have kept it private, they feel that President Trump has given them no choice but to speak out," Rapoport reported on NFL GameDay Morning on Sunday.

The anticipated protest comes a day after the NFL, the NFL Players Association and team owners and CEOs responded to President Trump stating Friday that team owners should fire players who fail to stand for the national anthem prior to games.

Speaking on* NFL GameDay Morning* NFL Network's Mike Garafolo said he expects to see widespread protests at games.

"Based on the conversations I had yesterday with players, team officials, agents, everybody ... you're going to see mass protests on the sideline," Garafolo said. "You are going to see full-team protests, coaches included. For the first time, we have not seen that."

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