Raiders holding private workout with Kyler Murray

As the Oakland Raiders insist Derek Carr is their franchise quarterback, team brass continues to do its due diligence.

The Raiders are holding a private workout with Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray on Monday in Dallas, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reports, per a source informed.

The workout was first reported by Albert Breer of The MMQB, who added that Oakland's staff would then head to work out Ohio State signal-caller Dwayne Haskins.

The Raiders working out high-profile signal-callers like Murray shouldn't come as a surprise.

Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock can call Carr every flattering name in Merriam-Webster's book, and it wouldn't change the fact that the team can get out of his contract with relative ease if they find a player at such a vital position they believe is an upgrade. The only way to adequately evaluate whether Murray or Haskins would be an upgrade is by meeting with them privately to find out how they tick.

Gruden historically has fallen in-and-out of love with quarterbacks faster than an 11-year-old boy hitting puberty does with girlfriends. So, it's not out of the question that he could fall head-over-heels with an enticing talent like Murray.

Us finding out about the visits, however, evokes other questions.

Could the Raiders be using their standing at the No. 4 spot to smokescreen any team desiring the top two quarterbacks in the draft? If the Cardinals pass on Murray with the No. 1 pick, teams believing Oakland could snag him would need to leap in front, thereby pushing another talented defender down to the Raiders. It could also signal to Arizona it might not be safe to trade back from the top pick if Murray remains its prize -- a notion speculated earlier in the offseason but seems to have since been dismissed. At the very least, the Raiders are doing their due diligence an all the potential players who could be on the board when they pick. That's just good business.

We've entered draft month, during which teams will solidify their boards as we escalate toward April 25 and the opening round in Nashville. In the interim, beware the smokescreens and media gameplay that clubs will play as we creep closer.

Other top prospects visiting worth noting:

  1. Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams will visit the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday and meet with the Raiders Wednesday, per Rapoport.
  1. Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa will visit the New York Giants on Tuesday, Rapoport reported.
  1. Missouri quarterback Drew Lock will visit the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, followed by a visit with the Giants, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported, per sources.
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