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Peterson: I'd pick Sam Bradford to start for Cardinals

Arizona rolled into the offseason without a quarterback, but today the Cardinals are flush with options.

Veteran Sam Bradford and first-rounder Josh Rosen are weeks away from engaging in a training camp tussle to decipher this year's starter.

All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson, though, has already decided who should get the nod.

"Well, right now I'd probably take Sam due to his experience. Due to some of the records that he has in the league. Because when Sam is healthy and is on the field and has talent around him, he's a top-tier quarterback," Peterson told NFL Network's James Jones from a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

"The biggest knock on Sam is just staying on the field. I think we have a pretty good opportunity to keep him on the field because last year he really didn't have to fix anything, just cleaning up his knee," Peterson said. "... If he's on the field, we'll see where the chips stack and where they fall at the end of the season."

Peterson wasn't done discussing the well-being of the roster, noting "the sky is the limit for us" if the team's stars can stay on the field.

Cardinals coaches have no reason to rush Rosen into action. If Bradford and the rookie fail to separate from one another in camp, a tie is bound to propel Bradford into the starter's seat. If Rosen shines, though, cries for his rise will grow deafening.

The bigger issue for Arizona is a stocked NFC flush with Super Bowl contenders. On Thursday's Around the NFL Podcast, colleague Chris Wesseling appropriately listed the Eagles, Packers, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Falcons and Panthers as legitimate contenders.

Not listed: Arizona.

For good reason, too, until we receive something other than the half-baked operation that took the field a year ago. To Peterson's point, though, the Cards have restocked under center and could emerge as a different team with wire-to-wire health.

We'll find out soon enough if this squad is for real -- or a lower-level hobby horse destined to float through the autumn as an NFC afterthought.

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