Patriots go overboard for Tom Brady's birthday

Tom Bradyturns 40 years old today. To celebrate, the New England Patriots are pulling out all the stops.

NFL Network's James Palmer reported there are five live goats wearing Tom Brady jerseys at Patriots practice (Brady has won the Pats five Lombardi trophies, in case you didn't get the numerical significance).

Palmer also reported that avocado ice cream (a Brady favorite) would be served in the media workroom. (Really sticking it to the media.)

In case you needed photo evidence of the goats:

As if you needed more cuteness, here is the team's website asking children how old Brady is turning:

Of course, when you think Brady, you think avocado cupcakes:

As much as it feels like it, Brady isn't the only Leo celebrating a birthday today. Rams running back Todd Gurley, swimmer Ryan Lochte, New Zealand rugby league footballer Sonny Bill Williams, Japanese singer Yurina Kumai, former NFL defensive tackle and Ypsilanti native Kris Jenkins, Metallica's James Hetfield, ex-NHLer Marcel Dionne, Martha Stewart, actor Martin Sheen, and singer Tony Bennett are some of the many, many, many, many others celebrating the day their mothers did a lot of work to propel them into the world.

Happy birthday to you all!

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