Patrick Mahomes on players' video: Why not use my platform?

Patrick Mahomes, at 24 years old, is one of the most prominent faces of the NFL.

He's the reigning Super Bowl MVP. He's won a league MVP and a Super Bowl.

In the last week or two, he's focused more on using his platform built by such achievements to help society work toward a much greater, and much more important goal. Mahomes, along with teammate Tyrann Mathieu, was featured in a video posted across social media last week in which players called on the league to condemn racism and a systemic oppression of black people and support the Black Lives Matter movement. He explained his reasoning for his participation during a Wednesday video conference.

"When I got the video, [Saints wide receiver] Michael Thomas actually sent me the video and the script, I loved the idea," Mahomes said, per NFL Network's James Palmer. "I want to just get every piece of information I could on it. I called everybody that I really trust and talked to them about it and really decided that I really felt like I needed to be in this video, and I needed to show my support unite with the players to show that we care. And that was how we came to make that video, and obviously the NFL has come back and shown and kind of supported what we said and that's the first step. But we want to make sure it leads to action. That it leads to different things in the community that we can go out and do to make the world a better place."

"Every decision you make, there's going to be positive and negative," Mahomes added, via The Athletic's Nate Taylor. "I believe my statement and the video. That stuff needed to be said. We believe that Black Lives Matter. It's been great to find the support from the Chiefs. I've talked to [NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell."

Mahomes' act was one of courage, strengthened by the participation and support of his fellow NFL stars. With so many notable faces appearing in the video, it was impossible to ignore, and rightfully so. Goodell posted a video the next day stating the league admits it was wrong "for not listening to NFL players earlier" and encourages "all to speak out and peacefully protest."

"I'm blessed to have this platform. Why not use it?" Mahomes said.

Mathieu said he didn't know it would have the impact that it did, per Palmer.

"I think our social responsibility goes far beyond the football field," Mathieu said. "We can have a true impact in our communities and we can help people. ... For us, it's about owning that and doing it the right way."

Such action starts with educating people, Mathieu said, adding he can help with by making positive efforts in the area of voter registration. Mahomes, Mathieu and others intend to meet with Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and president Mark Donovan to start to figure out how they can make a change locally with voter registration, per Palmer. The goal is, Mahomes said, to give as many people as possible the ability to vote and effect change.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid voiced his support for Mahomes and Mathieu to reporters.

"I'm so fired up by our younger generation," Reid said, via Taylor. "I just think we have this country and these kids know how great this country is -- and they just want to make it better.

Reid added: "Black Lives Matter. They absolutely matter. I appreciate Patrick and Tyrann for what they did and standing up in making a statement."

Mahomes hopes those watching him will follow his and his fellow NFL stars' lead.

"I've always believed in people," Mahomes said. "If people have the right intentions and the right heart, they can make the world a better place."

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